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Lucinda is a Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher with over 20 years experience and Level 1 & 2 Certified KRI (Kundalini Yoga Research Institute)


She is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga from the Vedic and tantric traditions.


Lucinda's classes are powerfully gentle and transformative.These courses are open to all levels of experience and are held in a beautiful safe space, in the spirit of non-judgment, inclusiveness and community.

Lucinda is a Holistic Counsellor and Yoga Therapist and is a strong advocate in the ability of Yoga and Mindfulness to enrich our lives. 

Lucinda facilitates private therapy sessions and Group Yoga Therapy sessions for the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression.


Lucinda has trained in Beyond Addiction The Yogic Path to Recovery and is excited to add this amazing programme into her counselling sessions.

Interweaving all her knowledge, including a background in Shiatsu and Chinese medicine and has formal training in Hatha, Japanese Yoga and Yin Yoga.


"I came to Lucinda when I attended one of her Kundalini Workshops. I had such an instantaneous healing from the workshop and I discovered that Lucinda does counselling as well. I decided to have some counselling sessions because I had just lost my mother and I was quite grief stricken. With the loss of my mother came a lot of family issues that I was navigating on my own. 

Seeing Lucinda was like a breath of fresh air. I quickly realised why I felt like my life was "blocked" and "stuck" and why I have not been able to move my life forward in a meaningful way. I found her sessions groundbreaking and I had so many realisations about why I am the way I am and how I can change it. I had also been single for 15 years, and although I didn't see her for this issue, I realised why I have not been able to have a meaningful relationship. Within three months, I met a wonderful man and I am now in a happy and healthy relationship and my life is moving forward in a positive and exciting way. 

I would highly recommend Lucinda if you are considering your healing journey and I can assure you that she is a game changer and your life will never be the same again."

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