Counselling (also commonly referred to as psychotherapy or mental health therapy) is perfectly appropriate for anyone who wishes to participate in therapy as a means of taking care of their mental health: increase mental clarity; change problematic thought or behaviour patterns; and improve their emotional balance and overall level of happiness.


Goals in counselling can include developing new skills, processing difficult emotions, and addressing the root cause of more persistent states of unease: depression, anxiety, addictions, emotional dependency, trauma, anger, chronic stress, post-traumatic-stress, and more.

Lucinda van de Berkt is an integrative counsellor who specialises in issues with grief and loss, anxiety, relationships, soul and spirituality, addiction, eating, sleep, PTSD, and depression . Offering a supportive and grounding environment to tell one's story is transformative. Lucinda goes beyond traditional talk therapy by integrating the mind and body through experiential and energetic inquiry guiding clients into the here-and-now through mindfulness and curiosity, facilitating a faster and more holistic change process. As a Yoga Therapist, meditation, breath work teacher and a yogi, Lucinda helps clients become more embodied and equipped with the knowledge and awareness of their own healing power. Lucinda works with individuals, groups and online sessions.



Lucinda works with people to support them in deepening their relationship with Compassionate Inquiry.  Sessions are deeply and intuitively tailored to support clients in remembering their purpose and healing trauma. Lucinda sees her clients as collaborators and co-journeyers, partnering together to resolve disharmony and clear imbalance,  to help untangle and heal, to fortify and nourish, to celebrate and to restore. Our areas of inquiry are spiritual, interpersonal, physical and narrative. We can combine Yoga Therapy with meditation as medicine, sound therapy, yoga asana, kundalini kriya, pranayama, mantra, and deep relaxation to craft a path towards destiny, prosperity, connection and purpose.