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Kundalini Yoga Class


Wangat Lodge, Brandon Grove NSW

23-25 June 2023

Nourish your Nervous System

It’s your time.
Time to release underlying tension.
Time to let go of never-ending chores.
Time to let someone take care of you.
Reconnect with yourself.
Time to come back to yourself, and remember the wisdom and depth you possess.


We’ve arranged the details. We’ve made the plans and created the program.
All you have to do is show up & listen to the whispers of your body.

The Winter Solstice draws near, heralding the arrival of the shortest day and the longest night. In this moment, darkness reaches its pinnacle, marking the beginning of a new solar cycle. Gradually, the Sun emerges, illuminating our days, making them lighter, longer, and warmer. It is a time of recognising the growth experienced throughout the year, a time for celebration, re-emergence, and surrendering to the transformative process of rebirth. 

We come together in sacred ceremony, embracing the potent portal that bridges endings and beginnings, darkness and light, the masculine and the feminine, the union of the Sun and the Earth. These elements converge, offering us a profound opportunity to integrate past traumas, release unresolved emotions and stress, and evolve as human beings. By embarking on this journey, we empower our own healing and learn to tap into the innate wisdom residing within our bodies. Through this process, we can release the burdens of stress and cultivate resilience, not only for ourselves but also for others.

The healing power of nature unfolds as we engage with it, activating our parasympathetic nervous system, fostering a sense of calmness, and countering the effects of the sympathetic nervous system associated with stress-induced fight-or-flight responses. 

This transformative retreat seamlessly integrates ancient yogic wisdom, the practice of Breathwork, and embodiment exercises with contemporary insights from neuroscience and psychology. It encompasses a holistic approach, addressing every aspect of the individual's well-being—psychological, physical, spiritual, energetic, social, and environmental.

Within this immersive experience, we invite each individual to connect and listen to the whispers of  wisdom residing within their own body—a place of intuition, healing, and well-being. By acknowledging our expertise in our personal journey of healing, transformation, and overall well-being, participants become active agents in their own growth.


Listening to the Whispers of your Body




The Immersion will start on 23 June at 4pm and we will close the circle full of expanding experiences on 25 June at 2pm. More details after registration.


Connecting with like-minded people, being curious, and cultivating co-regulation are fundamental components to a nourished nervous system. 

Fully catered with delicious and vitality enhancing wholesome
vegetarian meals included.

Friday 23 June

4pm - Welcome & Arrival with a Self-Care Gift Box

Opening Ceremony & Circle
Divine Dinner

Movement Relation Series - Yoga Nidra

Fireside chats/free time
Restful Sleep

Saturday 24 June


Morning Yoga
Ice Bath in crystal clear mountain streams
Delicious Breakfast

Group Practice, Gabor Mate’s  Compassionate Inquiry Process, Breathwork Nervous System Regulation

Free time/integration time

Group Practice, Somatic Release,  Yoga Therapy, Resourcing and integration

Heartwarming Dinner
Deeply Immersive Sound Healing

Soundbath, meditation, or deep relaxation
Restful Sleep

Sunday 25 June

Morning Kundalini Yoga
Ice Bath in crystal clear mountain streams
Delicious Breakfast

Free time/integration
Rebirthing Breathwork 
Create Miracles Sound Immersion

Ceremony & Integration
2pm Checkout

Through this experience, you will begin to balance your nervous system, integrate physiological resiliency, and cultivate that deep internal awareness and wisdom that will guide you through continued rest and release in the weeks and months to come. 

Classes are trauma-informed, accessible, and offer variations that create a beautifully accessible, curious, fun, and invitational practice.

Our Tranquil Location

Wangat Lodge, 1938 Chichester Dam Rd, Bandon Grove NSW 2420, Australia

Located just 1.5 hours from Newcastle and 3 hours from Sydney. See map

Wangat Lodge is set on the Chichester River amongst the forest in the sub-tropical rainforest of the Barrington Tops. In the local Gringai dialect, it means a place where whispers are heard.

Wangat lodge is not a luxury resort. The centre is an eco community designed along the lines of an ashram and Wildlife Refuge. At Wangat there is an emphasis on accessibility and inclusion, the hope being to sha
re its wonders with as many as possible. Accommodation allows the rich and complex surroundings to speak. It is the perfect place for a relaxed, intimate stay.


The rooms are large and spacious - so it doesn’t feel crowded and you have enough p
ersonal space. Shared bathrooms are located close by.


The cottage house is self contained, for a couple wanting a weekend get away, or suitable for two friends. The house has a queen bed, single bed, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and lounge area. 

Your Investment


All tickets are sold per person

Early Bird rates until 31 May 2023

Regular price tickets from 1 June 2023


Payment plans available with deposit

Contact Lucinda for more information

Early Bird
Twin Share Room


Per Person

Early Bird sales end

31 May 2023

Regular Price
Twin Share Room


Per Person

Regular price tickets on sale from 1 June 2023

Self Contained Cottage


Per Person


No Early Bird

We will be in touch with you to confirm details and offer you an information package upon registration of payment.

Image by Amauri Mejía

More information

If you would like more information
please ca
ll Lucinda

Frequently Asked Questions


If you request cancelation outside of 30 days before the event you will receive a full refund. 
If your accommodation booking is cancelled within 30 days of your arrival date you will forfeit 50% of your booking total. 
If your accommodation booking is cancelled within 7 days of your arrival date you will forfeit 100% of your booking total.
Bookings are transferable to another participant.


Yes, beginners can join. We have all yoga levels on this retreat, from beginners to advanced, we  will modify the classes so you can practice at your own pace.


Delicious vegetarian meals will be lovingly prepared for you. At past retreats we have catered for Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Vegans and Vegetarians.  There is a registration form so If there is something you cannot eat please advise and we will  look after you.


No, absolutely Not!  We are very welcoming and ensure that everyone feels welcome and meal times and activities are very inclusive.  You will most probably make deep connections and new friends that you keep in touch with long after the retreat is over. 


No!  If you would prefer to have a much needed lie in rather than get up for morning Yoga, that is totally fine.  All program activities on offer are optional. Remember, this retreat is for you, do as much or as little as you like. 


Some of our venues require you to bring your own linen, we will let you know the requirements when you register.


We will supply yoga mats, bolsters and blankets, or you can bring your own yoga mat and feel free to bring anything else you may need for your yoga practice, maybe your favourite shawl, blanket or cushion.


Plan to arrive  the first day of the retreat around 4pm. We’ll have a group dinner that evening, to meet everyone and finish the evening with blissful meditation around the fire. Yoga classes will start the next morning. On Sunday, the  last class will after lunch, and people will leave around  at some point depending on their travel requirements.  


Yes, to stay an extra night to  enjoy the surroundings,  for an extra cost.   We can arrange that for you with property owners. Please contact us to let us know. 


Located near Dungog, Wangat Lodge is just 1.5 hours from Newcastle and 3 hours from Sydney. The retreat space is easily accessible with any car. Driving directions will be included in orientation pack.


Winter Solstice Retreat

23-25 June 2023
Wangat Lodge, Bandon Grove NSW

About Lucinda

This nex is an exploration based on the most important lessons and practices I have learned in my career. It is everything I wish I had known years ago when I began healing my relationship with myself and my nervous system.


Using some of the valuable tools I use in my private practice these courses are born out of my desire for everyone to have increased capacity for daily challenges and to do the deeper inner work.

Read more about Lucinda

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