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Rebirthing the Winter Solstice 


Sunday 16  June,   2024

2:00pm to 5:30pm



Henderson Park Hall

30 Lockyer Street


sacred beauty meets divine power

breath work ~ kriya ~mantra ~ ceremony





“The rebirthing experience was such a powerful one for me, and I felt so safe to dive into the process. I felt like I shed layers of anger and shame, as well as a few other things. I have been practicing the mantra that was provided and feel I’m reaping a lot of benefit from that.”

All levels welcome, no prior experience is necessary.


As the days grow lighter, longer, and warmer, it's a time for acknowledging growth, celebrating re-emergence, and welcoming the new with the wisdom of past experiences. The Winter Solstice symbolises both an ending and a beginning—a powerful time for contemplating your immortality, forgiving and being forgiven, and making a fresh start. I



Do you find it challenging to maintain clear distinctions between your own needs, preferences, and personal space, and those of others?

Does this leave you feeling confused, overwhelmed, or like you're losing yourself in your relationships?

Do you often self-abandon for others, forgetting your true authentic self?

Have you learned to please others to appease them?

Would you like to understand how your nervous system’s flight, fight, freeze, and conditioned behavioural fawn (people-pleasing) responses show up?

Boundaries are limits you set around what behaviour you will and won't tolerate in yourself and others. They help you advocate for what you need, making you feel safer and more comfortable. It’s essential to be clear, firm, and kind when communicating your boundaries.

By connecting and listening to your inner wisdom, you can clarify what boundaries are needed and how to live them. Being embodied means knowing your body's signals and recognizing them physically. It’s one thing to know your boundaries mentally; it’s entirely different to feel them in your body. Boundaries aren’t just about saying no (though that’s certainly a part of it); they’re also about honoring what’s a clear hell yes for you. The more you learn to sense and locate a yes in your body, the more your life takes on joy, freedom, and aliveness.

What to Expect

We will journey into a day of experiential embodiment.:

Explore Your Emotional Landscape: Often, we have an idea of what our boundaries should look like, but we lose ourselves when it’s time to set them or make decisions. Using experiential practices, we will embody our sense of “yes” and “no.”

Somatic Practices: Learn about the nervous system’s “fawn” response and recognize your true "yes" and "no." We will use practical somatic movement methods to set and maintain boundaries, emphasising being gentle with ourselves when we slip, as boundary-setting is a continuous practice.

Understanding Boundaries: Learn the seven types of boundaries, enabling you to respect your personal limits and communicate them clearly to others.

Self-Care Resources: Prioritising others' needs over our own can lead to burnout and exhaustion, while neglecting our own needs results in a loss of identity and disconnection. We’ll provide resources to help you practice deeper self-care.

Healthy Relationships: When we embody our boundaries, we create healthier relationships with those around us. Self-regulation leads to co-regulation.

Self-Connection: Through embodied practices, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and access the invaluable wisdom within our bodies.

Reducing Stress and Burnout: Engaging in embodied boundary practices helps us prioritise our well-being, reducing stress and overwhelm in our lives.

Learning to Self-forgive. Without Self Forgiveness we can be stuck in what may be an inescapable maze. Recent study into forgiveness has found that forgiving yourself can be far harder than extending or even seeking forgiveness from others. .


From releasing limiting self-perceptions, hidden beliefs and sabotaging mechanisms, we will recreate who we are. Open up to be more loving, intimate and joyful with ourselves and others by using powerful tools to reprogram the subconscious mind, remove self-sabotaging programs, and fortify our integrity, self-esteem and self-love.. We will move from not just surviving but THRIVING.

Using breath work, somatic release work, poly vagal theory, kriyas, mantra and movement we will embody ritual to transform our deeply held limiting beliefs and  frustration into passion and fuel for change, wisdom, and deep compassion for healing. Coming together in ceremony is truly transformational, leaving us feeling reborn and motivated to continue the journey along our own unique path.

We will be embarking on a journey filled with breath, song, ceremony and sound to remember where we came from and why we are here today. 

Monochord, Gong and Sansula sound healing instruments.jpg

This is to give you a flavour of what you will experience in this 3.5 hour gathering:

Kundalini Yoga and Rebirthing

Rebirthing Breathwork: Kundalini Rebirthing uses a sequence (or Kriya) and the power of your own breath to bring joy into your life.  Imagine your whole body is rebirthing. It is a simple breathing techniques that takes you deep into yourself. Rebirthing is a powerful practice taught to clear the subconscious, to heal the pain and overcome the obstacles which keep you from living your best life - awakened, rejuvenated and present to your purpose.  
** There are a vast and rich variety of rebirthing techniques in the tradition of Kundalini rebirthing  this will not be the same rebirthing sequence ever experienced in Newcastle before. 

Sound Healing

The sound of the sacred Gong: a potent ally in this endeavour gifting us with a heavenly feeling of lightness and calmness allowing us to merge with our Infinite Self. Gongs change time and locality. Skilfully played, gongs provide the entry point to recovery, self-recovery, and create a different platform for existence. Healing comes from inside, consciousness changes from our core. It is from a cellular level and from the depths of our mind and soul that we release the chaos and confusion within. As we clear from within we attain balance, clarity and wisdom. This inner alignment creates harmony in the outer world.



Delicious treats and a healing thirst quenching nectar will be served to nourish our soul and indulge our senses. 


Heart space

Connecting from the heart in a safe, welcoming and supportive space.  This workshop will be filled with soul expansion, centred connection, and high vibes that you didn’t even know were available to you.

All levels welcome, no prior experience is necessary. 

Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions.

Lucinda xx

Wear loose comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.   Bring Your blanket, shawl and cushion for when you want to lay down and relax to receive high healing vibes.

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