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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient and  powerful style of yoga. It supports us to become physically, emotionally and mentally resilient by developing a strong nervous system, a healthy glandular and a resilient immune system so that we embrace a life full of confidence.

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone and is one of the most transformative yoga practices today. It is based on a set of exercises that is designed specifically to target certain areas of your body in order to strengthen them and help them release toxins.



Counselling & Yoga Therapy are two therapeutic disciplines that are beautifully complimentary to one another as well as to any other treatment modality in the health care system.


This is a highly confidential service and very individualised to suit the needs, goals, and lifestyle of the person seeking the therapy.


Somatic Therapy/Yoga Therapy

Many people that seek one-to-one tuition are looking to heal in some way: this work develops a deep relationship with the intelligent natural healing mechanisms of the body and supports a self healing journey.

Yoga Therapy is beneficial for people experiencing anxiety, unease, depression and many different expressions of physical imbalance and disease. Often the road to self healing involves befriending our nervous system and coming into a deeper relationship with ourselves.


PTSD Yoga Therapy

The practice of Yoga has been found to be effective for treating anxiety, depression and insomnia which are key symptoms of PTSD.


This specialised course uses tools from Kundalini Yoga, Somatic Healing & Applied Polyvagal Theory alongside Therapeutic Yogic Tools/Philosophy, Neuroscience and Gabor Maté's psychotherapeutic approach of Compassionate Inquiry.

"I have become aware of something of and within myself, have touched a happiness, a bliss that i didn’t know life was capable of giving.. i have glimpsed and experienced times and periods of this and am now unwilling to accept anything less. I am starting to see what it is i want and am learning how to call it to myself…

I always hear your voice, calming me and reassuring me to have faith, to accept, to love and have compassion... i now see that everything is as it should be and my journey is my own. So thank you for this gift.. this gift of life of love and for helping me to be reborn into myself again. much love and gratitude xox”

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