5 Week Kundalini Yoga Course

Healthy Body + Fearless Spirit

deepen your Yoga practice

Thursdays at Mayfield

6.00 pm -7.30 pm

23 July - 20 Aug 2020


Earthie Yoga, 1/5 Maitland Road, Mayfield

Learn key ways to enhance and deepen your yoga practice using ancient kiryas and meditations.

Discover why the Warrior Saint is such an important archetype at this time.

This 5 Week workshop series will provide the keys to conquering fear, overcoming whatever obstacle in life one is facing, and attaining whatever we put our mind to. We’ll explore the theme of living one’s life as a Warrior Saint, with a Warriors Heart and a Radiant Body. a life guided by passion, nobility and limitless courage. These qualities enable us to conquer our inner doubts and insecurities with steady determination and grace.

Kundalini Yoga is a very potent and effective system of self-transformation and personal development that uses and combines the following techniques:

> pranayam (breathing techniques)
> kriyas (body postures / movements)
> mudras (hand-postures)
> mantras (sound currents or mentally produced sounds)
> bandhas (body locks / muscle contractions)
> meditation

These times are demanding that we live as Spiritual Warriors—fearless, standing for truth, and lit from within by the radiance of the soul. The life of a spiritual warrior is a life of courage, compassion, strength and discipline. These qualities enable us to conquer our inner doubts and insecurities with steady determination and grace.

To embody these qualities we must have strong armor in place -and that armor is a strong nervous system with the capacity to handle immense loads of stress and still maintain balance.

Meditation and a yogic lifestyle can help you build a strong nervous system. When thoughts and sensations are filtered through a steady contemplative practice your capacity to handle what comes your way improves. Meditation is a little like taking out the garbage. When practiced regularly, you have the space and capacity to take in and let go of whatever comes your way.

We’ll be working with some invigorating and purifying Kundalini Yoga yoga and meditations for courage, fearlessness, and a strong aura and radiant body. This will be a powerful 5 Week series designed for the enthusiastic beginner and for those with any previous yoga experience.

All welcome and please give me a call if you have any questions.



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