5 Week  Course

Kundalini Yoga Vagal Toning

unwind and let go 

All levels are welcome! 

Thursdays at Mayfield

6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

27 Aug - 24 Sept,  2020


Earthie Yoga, 1/5 Maitland Road, Mayfield

The vagus nerve…have you heard of it? It is an amazing nerve, also known as “The Wanderer,” that connects our brain to our body. 

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body yet many of us have never heard of it and have no idea how important it is . The nerve starts at 10th cranial nerve at base of skull and travels all way down the body connecting all our major organs with the brain . It is like a super highway sending messages back and forth to the brain and forms part of our parasympathetic nervous system – the “rest digest “ rather than the “ fight or flight “

 If vagal tone is good we tend to be more resilient to stress , recover better from illnesses and are generally more positive . If it is poor we find ourselves in a continual fight or flight situation and are more prone to stress , physical issues with heart and digestive system , stress and depression . We get caught in a stress loop. 


Kundalini Yoga using Breath Work, Kriya (set of exercises) , Meditation and Mantra have all been shown to significantly increase your Vagal tone leading to reduced inflammation in the body, improved immunity, a better mood and memory, and a wonderful increase of endorphins - the happy hormones!

Join this 5 Week Course to explore how we can stimulate vagal tone to help:


∗ harmonise the systems of the body,


∗ lower our blood pressure


∗ lower heart rate


∗ reduce anxiety


∗ reduce inflammation


∗ increase our sense of trust, compassion, acceptance, and joy


We’ll learn specific Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques to access the Vagus nerve to help us unwind and let go. Whilst many of us enjoy these sensations of increased openness, we’ll also explore how we can balance that relaxation by creating a sense of stability and containment, working to centre and strengthen our physical and emotional selves.

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