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“Lucinda's yoga for trauma course was fantastic. Her generosity and unique brand of compassionate realism in an era of toxic positivity was so refreshing, and really created a safe space for me to do the work. I found the exercises enormously beneficial and noticed tangible changes in my stress responses after only a few weeks. I feel lucky Newcastle has a teacher and therapist like this in our midst."

"I feel so grateful to have been part of this PTSD yoga course! 

My increased personal power, sense of hope and renewal has been supported and inspired by Lucinda throughout this unique 8 week journey.

I always felt valued, honoured and most importantly safe in the space that Lucinda provides for all participants…. with light, love, strength and stability.

I have had the opportunity to unlock and heal some childhood trauma from within. A sense of liberation and relief has followed.

Thank you so much Lucinda!"

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"I have become aware of something of and within myself, have touched a happiness, a bliss that i didn’t know life was capable of giving.. i have glimpsed and experienced times and periods of this and am now unwilling to accept anything less. I am starting to see what it is i want and am learning how to call it to myself…

I always hear your voice, calming me and reassuring me to have faith, to accept, to love and have compassion... i now see that everything is as it should be and my journey is my own. So thank you for this gift.. this gift of life of love and for helping me to be reborn into myself again. much love and gratitude xox”

"I honestly felt from the moment I walked into the studio on the first week that I knew I was where I was supposed to be and I felt a wonderful sense of calm and connection to you and the entire class.

The benefits of this practice go beyond anything I have ever done for myself. I will be making this part of my regular practice."

"Thank you so much Lucinda.  You have no idea, or maybe you do, how grateful I am to have found and this wonderful practice. 


It has transformed my life! I feel fantastic, more positive, have loads of energy and I feel happy and calm."

"Most profound levels of healing and clarity! Lucinda is incredibly gifted and experienced and creates a safe space that allows you to dive deep into the depths of yourself, the origins of the stories you've created, guides you in how to shamelessly release them so you can liberate yourself and come back to your light again. Life will NEVER be the same!"

"Thank you for class last night.  I really appreciated the slowed down safety approach. I didn't realise the how much tension I had and how uneasy I was feeling until the class so it was a really good wind down."

"Was very interesting to see how much your class is trauma informed informed and it is very much trauma intervention therapy."

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"I have done so much work over the years on the trauma i experienced as a child but the emotional healing i have experienced in your counselling sessions has been profound and long lasting. At last I have found some inner peace. Thank you Lucinda. 


You made me feel so comfortable and at ease. The cup of tea was such a lovely and welcoming gesture.

I was very anxious about trying counselling for the first time but you were so warm and engaging, very professional, and clearly highly trained. I walked away from your session feeling so relieved and so glad I chose to come."

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