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Beginners/All levels


with Vagal Toning

WEDNESDAYS at Maitland


7.15pm - 8.45 pm

13  Mar - 3 April, 2024



479 High Street, Maitland

This four week course offers you a warm and supportive space to deepen your understanding of the nature of stress , while offering you somatic practices and resources for regulating your nervous system and supporting you in cultivating feelings of safety within your own self.

To be somatic means to be able to observe our internal sensations. Noticing the movement of the belly, ribs and chest as you inhale and exhale. Somatic breathing includes increasing sensory awareness to the throat, diaphragm, jaw and shoulders as we breathe. When we are living somatically, we are increasing our awareness or mindfulness to how WE FEEL.


We live in a fast paced society which means we often don’t sense anything from the neck down.

Weaving somatic practices,  breath and kundalini yoga, you are invited to slow down and attune to the language deep inside your body- coming to know your bodily sensations, listening to your patterns of holding and tension and the ways in which your body may be stuck in stress responses.

Learning to listen to our bodily sensations can lead us to a wellspring of self-trust, health, connection and joy thereby alleviating unnecessary suffering and helping us tune-in to what is natural and life affirming. In this way – integrating sensing, feeling and action – we can more fully align our actions with our deepest values.

This 4 week series will incorporate yoga, somatic release exercises and breath practices to activate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve  influences our breathing, digestive function and heart rate, all of which can significantly impact your mental health. 

Stimulating the vagus  nerve helps trigger your body’s calming response, which helps you exit out of ‘fight or flight’ mode and return to a calm state,

Low ‘vagal tone’ is characterised by anxiety, negativity, weak digestion, depression and inflammation, all indications of stress.

‘High vagal tone’ is associated with lower blood pressure, improved digestion, better mood and reduced anxiety. 

The vagus nerve acts as your body’s superhighway, carrying vital information between the brain, body and all your organs, and controlling how your body responds in times of relaxation and rest. Repeated Breathwork sessions can help to tone the vagus nerve, which can notably reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and may also enhance immune, brain and gut function


Interweaving Lucinda’s training in counselling, modern neuroscience, yoga therapy and Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry approach each week we will be bringing your mind-body back into a parasympathetic (calm and grounded) state).

  • Somatic release practices, grounding and Resourcing

  • Kriya - Physical postures and movement

  • Breathwork or pranayama

  • Sacred sound and rhythm (including gong, chanting mantras and somatic movement)

  • Meditation and mudras (hand gestures)

  • Relaxation  

This will be a safe space for you to learn and enjoy.

​You don’t have to be flexible or strong. You don’t need any experience.. All you need is to come as you are and open yourself up and listen to the deep language of your body. 
​All welcome and please give me a call if you have any questions.

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