5 Week Course

 Beginners Spring Clean with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation


Tuesdays at Mayfield

6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

17 Nov - 15 Dec,  2020


Earthie Yoga, 1/5 Maitland Road, Mayfield

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the body and the mind. Spring brings regeneration and renewal. Clean out the waste in the liver that builds up over the Winter. Clean the mind of thought patterns that aren’t serving your highest purpose.

Each week we will focus on detoxifying and strengthening one of the body’s major systems. Over the course of  5 weeks you will experience the healing effects Kundalini Yoga and meditation offers for the nervous system, balancing hormones, cleansing the liver and kidneys, strengthening the adrenal glands, and more.

When these systems are functioning optimally we experience increased energy, improved mood, and overall better health. Kundalini Yoga provides very specific tools and meditations to detoxify our body systems and achieve an improved state of health and wellness.

Detoxification isn’t just about ridding the body of physical toxins. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient system of pranayama (breathing exercises), asana (postures), and meditation (mindfulness) that can aid the body and mind to cleanse both physical and emotional excess.

This 5 Week Course is open to all levels of experience and fitness and is for anyone looking to learn and experience yogic tools for optimal health and wellness.

You don’t have to be flexible or strong. You don’t need any experience. This ancient practice and technology is designed for everyone – whether you’re young or old, athletic or suffering from a chronic illness. All you need is to come as you are and open yourself up to a transformative experience.

Please call Lucinda 0414 309 467 for any further enquires.


Kundalini Yoga Newcastle

 Enquiries:  Lucinda van de Berkt - 0414 309 467

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