5 Week Beginners 

 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Course


Tuesdays at Newcastle

6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

20 April - 18 May , 2021


Yoga for All, 39 Bolton Street,  NEWCASTLE 

We live in a stressful world, and more often than not, we don’t know how to manage it. Work, family, and regular daily commitments cause plenty of stress on their own, and the stress is exacerbated by perceived crisis situations that emerge from time to time. A common mantra these days is “I’m totally stressed out!”


Thankfully, Kundalini Yoga offers plenty of tools for managing stress. In fact, stress management is a wonderful side effect of a consistent Kundalini Yoga practice.

In this 5-week course you will learn useful and effective tools that provide immediate relief from stress, worry, agitation and anxiety. You will also be given ongoing practices to assist with better sleep, stress management and a restless, busy mind.

Most importantly, this time will support your whole system to slow down, to rest and remember what it’s like to feel content and peaceful; a place of inner freedom where you can connect to your heart, beyond the thinking mind and external demands.
In these weekly classes we will use  movement and breathing exercises, you will learn mantras and a number of meditations that will specifically release stress and open you up gently to your potential and your intuition.

Breath – Pranayama
Kriya – Asana - Body Posture
Mudra and Mantra
Bhandas, Focus and Meditation
Sound Healing/Relaxation

This will be a safe space for you to learn and enjoy.

No experience with yoga or meditation is necessary. This course is open to everyone.

Please call Lucinda 0414 309 467 for any further enquires.


Kundalini Yoga Newcastle

 Enquiries:  Lucinda van de Berkt - 0414 309 467

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